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Sick of being stuffed up? Tired of taking medications and only getting minor relief? The Allergy Series was built with you in mind! Hang onto your tissues and let's get started on a 30 day Series that will leave you breathing easier, scratching less, and of course, eating healthier.


Seventeen Lessons. Thirty Days. Just check your email and complete each day's assignment.

Back to Basics

Learn what allergies really are, how they impact you, and what you can do to breathe easy again-naturally.

Results Driven

No matter what you're allergy is, Linda's got ya covered with one-on-one support throughout the Series.

How does it work?

Step 1

Get started by signing up to take the Allergy Series, then check your email and choose your preferred learning time.

Step 2

Check your email over the next month and interact with Linda as she helps you navigate your allergies, one small step at a time.

Step 3

Begin implementing the information you learn to heal or better manage your allergies.

Step 4

It's an interactive Series, so you'll be asked to complete homework assignments and prove you're paying attention, just like in a real class setting.

Straight Forward Pricing

What You Pay


Eat2Live's educational Series are designed to be affordable for all Members, and the Allergy Series only costs $2.99 for 17 comprehensive lessons.

How It Helps

When you sign up to start the Allergy Series, your financial contribution goes right back into our Member's lives and bettering our local community.

This Series is perfect if you:


Get Seasonal Allergies


Have Grass or Ragweed Allergies


Suffer from Dust/Mold Allergies


Have Frequent Congestion


Have Food Allergies


Suffer from fatigue or muscle pain

Let's Get Started!

Get A Sneak Peek At The Lesson Plan!

Lesson 1. Tips For All Allergy Sufferers

Lesson 2. What Are Allergies?

Lesson 3. Common Types of Allergies

Lesson 4. How Allergens Are Contracted

Lesson 5. Symptoms/Triggers of Allergy

Lesson 6. What's Causing My Allergies?

Lesson 7. Standard Treatment for Allergy

Lesson 8. Know Your Allergy Season

Lesson 9. Eat This, Not That, For Allergy 8 more lessons


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this right for me?

If you've ever been affected by seasonal allergies, wake up congested, have skin rashes or other allergy symptoms, this IS probably right for you. This Series does require you to check your email often and read assignments, sadly Eat2Live doesn't teach via osmosis yet so you'll have to pay attention.

Can you help connect me with resources?

Although Linda isn't a medical professional, you'll be connected with other outside resources at the end of the Series to keep this allergy squashing party going!

Does this take a lot of time to do?

If you have ten minutes a day, you have enough time for this Series. Instead of giving you an entire book, we've broken up the Allergy Series into smaller articles (or chapters) to save you time and make learning easier.

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